Manually updating your clinical content to launch AngleMD

Note:  These instructions apply to environments running CPS version 12.2 or higher (or EMR 9.10 or higher)

If your practice uses the default QuickText macros to launch Blackbird (e.g., the “.bbs” QuickText macro), you should be able to convert to AngleMD by simply importing a clinical kit to update those macros.   (Please see this page)

If you have custom encounter forms that launch Blackbird, you may need to modify the MEL commands within those forms to launch AngleMD.   When converting your MEL, it will be necessary to modify the first parameter of the ‘SHOW_HTML_FORM’ command to point to the AngleMD server.

For example:

Original MEL: (Used to launch Blackbird)

{SHOW_HTML_FORM("","Blackbird Content Framework")}

Updated MEL: (Used to launch AngleSearch)

{SHOW_HTML_FORM("","AngleSearch by AngleMD")}

In the example above, the URL pointing to the problem search application has been changed from “” to “”.  This allows the EMR to open the AngleSearch app instead of the Blackbird version.

Note that the second parameter to the SHOW_HTML_FORM(…) MEL command defines the text that will display within the title bar at the top of the window.  Changing this parameter is optional, but recommended to avoid confusion.


Using custom functions to open the problem search application

If your practice has several encounter forms that open the problem search application, you should consider wrapping the SHOW_HTML_FORM(…) MEL command in a custom MEL function.

For example, within one of your MEL libraries you could define a MEL function like this:

{FUNCTION openProblemSearchWindow(){
    SHOW_HTML_FORM("","AngleSearch by AngleMD")

Now, within all of the encounter form buttons, you can call the function like this:


By using a custom function to open problem search, you will be able to change how problem search works by simply editing the function rather than editing every encounter form where problem search is used.