Make sure none of your eligible reimbursements slip through the cracks!

AngleSearch is a tool that helps your providers maximize reimbursement by facilitating proper coding of the problem list, and identifying discrepancies, without adding to their workload.  Some of it’s capabilities include:

  • Simple problem search workflow guarantees ICD-10 codes that are always “billable”.
  • Non-billable ICD-10 codes in the chart (that may have been added via other workflows) are identified directly in the problem list.
  • Missing ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes are identified directly in the problem list.
  • Correcting a missing or non-billable code is as simple as clicking on it.
  • Medicare Advantage HCC weights can be displayed directly in the problem list (and appear as a warning if the problem has not been assessed in the current calendar year).
  • Compound problems that require more than one ICD-10 code are added to the chart as a group.
  • Automatic problem end dates are supported (and configurable by practice).
  • The form can be opened directly by the user, or incorporated into custom problem list management workflows.
  • Configurable decision support rules make it easy to keep common oversights from slipping through the cracks.

AngleSearch screenshot


  • Centricity EMR 9.8+ or CPS 12.0+
  • Internet Explorer 10+


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