New Feature – 2023 ICD-10 update

Every year on October 1st, CMS (the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) introduces several updates to the ICD-10 code set. IMO (Intelligent Medical Objects) automatically adds all of the new or updated ICD codes to their terminology, so you will be able to search for those new values on October 1st. But because CMS also ‘deletes’ some ICD-10 codes each year (and replaces them, typically, with more specific codes), the AngleSearch application is updated each year to automatically detect any expired (‘deleted’) codes and make them visually apparent to the provider. The expired codes appear with a light grey triangular warning icon. Should the provider wish to replace the expired ICD-10 code with a valid one, the icon can be clicked to bring up the search window with that problem in context, making it very easy to keep all of the ICD codes valid, and up to date.

AngleSearch has now been updated to detect all of the expired codes made by CMS from 2016 (when they first started expiring codes) up to the present (2023).  

For practices using the Medicare HCC features in AngleSearch, those values have been updated for 2023 as well.