New feature – Edit problem from MEL

It has long been possible to launch AngleSearch using a MEL command that automatically triggers a specific search. For example, you can create a MEL command that launches AngleSearch so that “asthma” is automatically searched for. In that case, the “Find Problem” dialog will appear with “asthma” in the search field, saving the provider a few keystrokes. This can be useful when you want to partially automate the addition of a specific problem to the chart, but you don’t want to “hard-code” any ICD codes into the script command.

AngleSearch now supports the ability to launch AngleSearch with an existing problem in context, which automatically loads that problem into the “Change Problem” dialog. This can be useful for specialized clinical content where you know that a problem needs to be modified (perhaps due to a non-specific ICD code), but the provider needs to oversee the actual edit.

To launch AngleSearch with an existing problem in context, you will need to create a MEL script command like the following:

{show_html_form("","AngleSearch by AngleMD LLC")}

Note that the URL requires the PRID (the problem id) for the problem you wish to edit, which you can derive by parsing the output of the following MEL command:


The format of the MEL command is a little different for practices using older versions of Centricity (e.g. EMR 9.8 or CPS 12.0). For those products, the exact MEL command will depend on how your instance of AngleSearch was installed, so please contact AngleMD for assistance.

As always, let us know if you have any questions about this feature.