New Feature – Age-related Rules

The whole point of AngleSearch is to make it easy for providers to find the best problem ICD-10 code for the patient without knowing how to be a professional coder. In practices that see pediatrics and adults, it can sometimes be difficult to know when special ICD-10 codes are required for children.

To help with this issue, AngleSearch now supports “Age-related Rules“. These “rules” are configurable and customer-specific. They can detect when the user is about to add an ICD-10 code that is inappropriate for the patient due to age considerations. If such a rule is triggered, the app will display a warning to the provider, and a button which links to a better search term. This makes it very easy for the provider to switch to the preferred term.

The system has detected that the user is trying to add the adult version of “UTI” to a 2-week old infant, and exposes a button which makes finding a better replacement easy.

To add your own Age-related Rules to AngleSearch, contact AngleMD and we can help you get set up. We can either add the rules for you at no charge, or provide you access to our new Account Manager tool that allows you to add/edit/remove your own Age-related Rules.

The new Account Manager tool allows to customize your own Age-related Rules