New feature – Display of formal ICD-10 description in the Find Problem dialog

AngleSearch users appreciate the clinician-friendly problem descriptions provided by the IMO terminology set we integrate with. While perfect for the EMR, those IMO problem descriptions do not flow over to the practice management system in some practices. Often, only the formal ICD-10 descriptions are used on the practice management side.

One practice has requested that AngleSearch render the formal ICD-10 problem description alongside the IMO problem description to help providers maintain awareness about what information will be flowing over to practice management. This optional feature was implemented in a way where if the ICD-10 description contains the word “unspecified”, that word will be highlighted so the providers can identify opportunities to make their diagnoses as clinically specific as possible. If the ICD-10 description does not contain the word “unspecified”, it is rendered in a lighter color so as not to be distracting.

The ICD-10 description can now be rendered just below the IMO description field

If you would like to enable the display of the formal ICD-10 description in the Find Problem dialog, this can easily be activated. Please just let us know.