New feature – Removing old medications quickly

As with the problem list, many practices have patient charts with a large number of medications that are no longer active and should be removed, but due to all the overhead involved with marking them as inactive and setting the reason for removal, they may just languish on the med list.

We’ve now added an optional menu to the medication list (exposed by clicking on a med) that bypasses the Remove Medication dialog and allows providers to complete a medication (i.e., change the med status to ‘inactive’ and set the reason to ‘Regimen complete’) with fewer clicks. ┬áThe goal is to make it super fast and easy for providers to remove all the old medications in the list just as soon as they are identified.

The new ‘Remove (as completed)’ menu


Removing a medication can now be done with fewer clicks

If a medication should be removed for any reason other than “Regimen complete”, then the provider can still access the old “Remove…” menu option, which will open the Remove Medication dialog, just as before.

Like all new user-facing features added to AngleSearch, this menu choice will only appear if your practice “opts in” to this feature. ┬áThis allows you to coordinate new features with any training that you might like to do.

If you would like to activate this option for your practice, please just shoot us an email and let us know.